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Latest News

The GCN Round Table: Episode 3! MOD DAMNIT...

Aug 20 2014 10:57 PM | Milenko in Media

Hey guys, Episode 3 is done! I've even added some of them there moving pictures so there's an actual video this time!

Also check out this article to discuss Episode 4!

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Roundtable Episode 4 Recording Soon

Aug 19 2014 06:03 PM | Whitdjinn in Media

With the recording of Episode 3 being wrapped up, we wanted to know what you guys wanted to hear us discuss. Click the article below to view Whitdjinns original post. - Milenko

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Play On! - Episode 49 - Gamescom 2014

Aug 16 2014 10:02 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Site News

The gang discusses news and annoucements from Gamescom 2014 and more! Listen to Play On! on Youtube!

Listen to Play On! on Youtube!

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[Hardware] SNES Vertical Line Problem

Aug 15 2014 03:33 PM | GameFreak2600 in Guides

For years I've been plagued by the infamous SNES vertical line, and after many a google search looking on websites like Sega-16 or NES-Dev saying "Put caps here! Put resistors there! Replace the 7805! Maintain separate 7805s! Replace the PPU! It's a DRAM problem!" etc etc etc, the list just goes on and on. I added two capacitors to my console following this tutorial, and the line is almost completely unseeable now! You have to look REALLY close on a solid color background in order to see the place where the line used to be. Perhaps I will upload some pictures later, but I think even taking snapshots of my screen will not be able to pick up the barely visible line.

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Roundtable Episode 2!

Aug 14 2014 11:16 PM | Milenko in Media

This weeks episode is brought to you by the letter "Almost got molested by a neckbeard at McDonalds" and the number "Excite-a-Bike"

No, seriously though we had fun this week. Little bit better on the whole "not laughing at Tele" thing, we weren't as 'awkward' this time around (We werent, aldude was fucking weird). Hoping to have more episodes for you guys soon! Maybe some actual game play to coincide with WTF we're talking about.

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This website has an identity crisis.

Aug 14 2014 10:08 AM | Milenko in Site News

As many of our users and stalkers know, we started as a wiki and a simple phpBB forum. What many of you don't know is I'm the only one who runs the site aside from users who post articles and forum content. That being said, If I don't like the way something looks.. I have a need to change it.

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Planning our next roundtable.

Aug 04 2014 07:40 PM | Milenko in Site News

The idea behind these round tables is literally a bunch of us dicking around and holding a conversation. Regardless of your site, podcast, blog, page whatever. That being said what would you guys like to have discussed during the next show? Also, who wanted to join in on the discussion?

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Play On! Podcast Episode 48: The Unbelievab...

Aug 02 2014 09:43 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Site News

The one where we talk about the lack of Neo Geo X news, new PlayStation sales figures, Electronic Art’s new “EA Access” program, Sony’s Beta PlayStation Now service, Nintendo’ archaic account management, Anthony’s Nvidia Shield purchase, and an interesting Pat’s Retro Recap. Enjoy!

Play On! Episode 48 - http://planetarbitra...hield-portable/

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The GCN Roundtable Episode 1!!

Jul 28 2014 06:11 PM | Milenko in Site News

He guys we recorded our first episode last night! I feel it went fairly well for what we actually had available. Obviously it's going to need some work but the guys and myself enjoyed it. Without further ado! Heres The GCN Roundtable.

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We've decided to do a show!

Jul 21 2014 07:56 PM | Milenko in Site News

As some of you lurkers may know, quite a few of us dick around on the IRC channel. But we figured we would take some cues from our buddies at the Play On! Podcast. Starting this month we'll be doing a bi-weekly 'round table' completely uncensored for your enjoyment. All we need is a few topics you guys would like to hear us talk about, or you'd like to talk about. Recording will be on Sunday evenings through Skype and uploaded Monday afternoon for those who didn't get to participate. Let us know in the comments section what you think of this idea.

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The Play On! Podcast - Episode 47 - Anthony...

Jul 19 2014 09:03 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Media

The one where we talk about the 2014 EVO Championship, newly announced gaming hardware, Xbox One June sales, Anthony joins the “PC Master Race”, and Annie and Pat swap stories from “The 7th Guest”. Enjoy!

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Play On! - Episode 46 - Angel's an Ange...

Jul 05 2014 01:18 PM | PlayOnPodcast in Media

The one with a special shoutout to listener Angel, Crytek’s financial troubles, Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against Rockstar, the 2014 Steam Summer Sale, our new opinions on Emulators, and Pat’s special trip to the Mortal Kombat Actor Reunion at Galloping Ghost. Enjoy!

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New Policies at Thundercards!

Jun 29 2014 08:01 PM | Whitdjinn in Site News

Have you seen the latest from Thundercards!! Come check it out, big news on the horizon!

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Play On! - Episode 45: Watch Dogs

Jun 21 2014 10:58 PM | PlayOnPodcast in Miscellaneous

The gang gets crunchy on Watch Dogs and more! Special guest Joe, host of the Game Classy Podcast, joins in the fun!

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Large Gamecube Update to the Site!

Jun 20 2014 01:25 PM | Whitdjinn in Site News

Check out what is happening this week at Thundercards! Best Buddy Prices Everyday for Everyone!

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