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[Discusion] Nintendo entering smartphone space.

Mar 17 2015 11:45 AM | Milenko in Articles

Nintendo today has announced a partnership with mobile group DeNA. How does this make you feel?

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Play On! - Episode 64 - VR Overload

Mar 14 2015 09:09 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

The gang discusses Kanye West's new heavenly video game, Annie gives us an update on life with the New 3DS a month after launch, Pat talks about all of the VR tech unveiled at GDC 2015, and Anthony covers Nvidia's new streaming hardware devices and gives us a sweet review of The Order for PS4.

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Guy investigates a GameStop dumpster.

Mar 11 2015 07:31 PM | Milenko in Articles

While I'm assuming this guy just looks for random stuff in GameStops dumpsters, his commentary is definitely rage inducing. He has a very good point here.

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Lab tests show that the release of DX12 will in...

Mar 06 2015 04:48 PM | Milenko in Articles

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Over the last few months we've all been hearing about Microsoft's new DirectX rollout and the performance options it will give older hardware when someone is running Windows 10 on PC. But what many don't understand is it will also be coming to the Xbox One, along with Windows 10 as part of Microsoft's "One Windows" rollout.

Red Gaming Tech has an article up showing off some of the results.

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An analysis of the Dreamcast Hardware.

Mar 05 2015 03:40 PM | Milenko in Articles

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Over at The Solid State Gamer author Matthew White presents us with an in depth analysis of the Dreamcast hardware, where it came from, and why it ultimately failed to gain the attention it deserved.

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Play On! - Episode 63 - Pat's Dying Light

Feb 28 2015 11:50 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

This episode is brought to you by otcvideogames.com! Pat talks about his trip to “Bitty Bash”, gives his review of Dying Light, Joe shares his experience with Assassins Creed: Unity on PC and his excitement for Batman: Arkham Knight and more. Enjoy!

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Toejam and Earl!?

Feb 26 2015 03:42 PM | Milenko in Promotional Content

My inner child is freaking out man. Earlier this week we mentioned a new Mutant League Football incarnation, today it seems Toejam and Earl have graced the pages of Kickstarter with a new indie reboot!

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So there's a Retro Game Box subscription se...

Feb 25 2015 03:57 PM | Milenko in Articles

I was dicking around on the interwebs this afternoon and came across "My Retro Game Box." Apparently it's similar to lootcrate and NerdBlock, but instead of misc. merchandise its a carefully selected blend of retro games.

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It appears to only offer 3 subscription plans, starting at 3 months for 65 Euros or roughly 74 USD. Coming in at around 25.00 a month it seems competitive enough to replace or coincide with another subscription service. What do you guys think?

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New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Feb 25 2015 03:43 PM | Milenko in Promotional Content

I can't wait until June. This game looks better and better, also with the announcement that it's rated M I'm sure Rocksteady plans to end the series with a bang. Also, Scarecrow scares the fuck out of me.

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It's football season!

Feb 24 2015 05:10 PM | Milenko in Classic Gaming

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I don't know about you guys but when someone mentions 'Mutant League Football' my inner child gets aggressive as hell. Many, many fun filled afternoons were had beating the shit out of my cousins with monsters and mutants on the grid iron. But, with classic games come issues with licensing and games trying to fill those voids.

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