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Pinned  Announcing our 2014 Secret Santa and Raffle!

Nov 01 2014 06:05 AM | Milenko in Articles

Our secret santa registrations are now open! This year, we're going to be doing things slightly different. Not only will we be having our secret santa gift exchange, but a New Years Raffle! Follow the story below for more information.

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Play On! - Episode 56 - Best Assassin’s Cr...

Nov 22 2014 09:51 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

The crew talks about Assassins' Creed, Ubisoft's woes, and a special interview with the guys at HDRetrovision.com, the makers of component cables for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis!

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Bethesda has filed a trademark for 'Pip Boy...

Nov 10 2014 02:23 PM | Milenko in Articles

I don't know about the rest of you, but any reference to Fallout that's being trademarked gets me excited. What else gets me excited? I dunno, how bout Pete Hines confirming its a legitimate trademark filing.
Posted Image
I know it's not much to dwell on. But...

All aboard the hype train!

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Oh how the mighty have fallen..

Nov 10 2014 01:54 PM | Milenko in Articles

Seriously, what the fuck is this garbage?

I understand companies trying to be 'edgy' and re-make their iconic characters but seriously, the voice acting and script displayed here is fucking terrible. The Squidbillies are sucking off Knuckles who seemingly pops up out of nowhere. A giant rusty battleship pops through a mountain ledge and the cut-scene's camera reminds me of a four year old playing with someones phone. What the fuck were you guys thinking? Big Red Button is comprised of ex Naughty Dog employees. Kind of funny that they should have aborted this shit before it went gold.

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Play On! - Episode 55 - Call of Duty: Advan...

Nov 08 2014 09:35 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

The crew of Play On! discusses GTA 5, Sunset Overdrive, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!!

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HD Retrovision has opened up their Kickstarter...

Nov 01 2014 11:24 AM | Milenko in Articles

What is HD Retrovision? Well, they're designing component cables for retro consoles such as the SNES and Sega Genesis. This is a more user friendly approach to getting better quality from aging hardware, the less user friendly approach of course is modding the boards with additional hardware. Judging by what we've seen (I would whole heartedly re-do this article if I had a cable to review.. wink wink, nudge nudge ;D) a combination of software and hardware act as a man in the middle within the cable connecting the console to your television.

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Secret Santa sign ups are NOW OPEN!!...

Nov 01 2014 09:48 AM | Milenko in Articles

Our 2014 Secret Santa sign ups are now open. Click the link below to be taken to our forum and signup page!

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Pre-Orders for T-Shirts are now open.

Oct 27 2014 03:57 PM | Milenko in Articles

Check em out here. We're also going to hold a contest in the near future, users can submit designs they'd like the see on a T-Shirt (with variations of GCN and its network of sites please) the winners will win $100.00 and a free print of their winning design. As an extra bonus, users who pre-purchase one of our T-Shirts will get an extra entry into the New Years raffle!

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We're looking to make some T-Shirts.

Oct 27 2014 01:40 PM | Milenko in Articles

Currently we have 3 designs we're working on, waiting on a 4th. Check out the link below to view the designs on our forum.

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Secret Santa and New Years Raffle changes.

Oct 25 2014 11:07 AM | Milenko in Articles

Heres another update to our Secret Santa and New Years Raffle.

You can check out the announcement thread here.

A little bit of a back story, we announced our Secret Santa and had this awesome idea of running a new years raffle. A free ticket for participating in the Secret Santa, and a dollar per ticket after that. Weeeelll... That's a felony. So, we changed the prizes a little bit and made it free entry, with an extra entry once verified for the Secret Santa and site supportors. Here's how it works!

Secret Santa:

You can sign up starting November 1st, and the goal here is to trade gifts with community members. When you sign up you'll need a GameCollecting.net username, your personal name and address (or write digital if you don't want a physical gift.) a valid email address and a brief description of what kind of things you like (Nintendo, Xbox, Atari, Steam). There's no spending limit on the Secret Santa, you can end up getting a $10 gift card, a copy of Stadium Events or a shoe box full of bottlecaps. It's about having fun and like all Christmahanukwanzika gift exchanges, giving!

Bonus Round!
Site donators get an extra ticket into this years raffle, as a thank you for the support. Not only that but you sent a gift in the Secret Santa and your match loves you for ever and ever? Well good news! You just got an additional entry towards winning either a Google Nexus Player, a $100 gift card, a $50.00 gift card, or a spiffy T-Shirt from The Game Collecting Network.
Sign ups begin November 1st, the raffle is live now for members. Just click raffle's and then "I want to participate"!

So that's 2 more additional chances to win. Donate, and participate in this years Secret Santa.

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