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We're looking for staff.

Jan 20 2015 06:48 PM | Milenko in Articles

The Game Collecting Network started off as a simple wiki for a sub-reddit, and then we all kind of just let it sit and collect dust. This year, myself and fellow members of the network have started working on a 'roll out plan'.

So, instead of 2015 being another year of dust and depression, while cracking jokes on an IRC channel. We've decided to open up!

The main goal of this site was to cater towards collectors, but being a niche hobby we've expanded to gaming and 'geek' culture in general. If you'd like to join as a writer, or if you have a site/blog you'd like to share with the network, let us know!

Contact us at staff@gamecollecting.net

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Strafe is coming! Check out their Kickstarter.

Jan 20 2015 03:43 PM | Milenko in Classic Gaming

Do you long for the days of yesteryear where you could splatter poorly designed monsters with badass weapons ala BFG's and Rail guns?? Really? Me too! Check out Strafe!

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Nintendo is shutting down the current Club Nint...

Jan 20 2015 03:24 PM | Milenko in Articles

As someone who has a couple thousand coins lying around for something good to hit Club Nintendo, I can't say I'm surprised about the recent news that Nintendo will be closing doors for it current loyalty program.

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Play On! - Episode 60 - 3D All the Time

Jan 17 2015 09:17 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

The one where we talk about Microsoft’s new gameplay recording monetization, Sling TV for Xbox One, GTA: V for PC being delayed, all about Nintendo Direct including the announcement of the New 3DS, and a Pat’s Retro Recap. Enjoy!

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Play On! - Episode 59 - The 2014 Video Game...

Jan 03 2015 09:14 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

The gang gives out the prestigious Arbie award to the winners and losers in video gaming for 2014!

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New Years Raffle Winners.

Jan 02 2015 11:50 AM | Milenko in Promotional Content

We've chosen the winners for our 2015 New Years Raffle!

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We've launched a user feedback system

Dec 29 2014 04:58 PM | Milenko in Articles

Our feedback system is live! It's pretty much in beta right now as we go forward and tweak some of the code to extend the existing functionality. It's accessible from http://www.gamecollecting.net/feedback. The goal here is to create a unified feedback system where users from different Facebook groups, websites, and Reddit communities can come to share the feedback they've gained/given to others. Currently it works like this, you have an account here with your feedback visible within the user marketplace, and your profile. You can link your Facebook, Twitter, and Steam accounts (Your passwords are not stored on our site and use those services login methods.) to your Game Collecting Network profile for better verification of trades/sales and purchases. Say you make an exchange, you then share your profile with whoever you exchanged with, they sign up, go to leave you feedback and offer up a link and comment pertaining to your exchange.

We will have moderators verifying data for Reddit usernames, once this goes live you will not be able to change the username on your profile without admin assistance.

Look for "Reddit Verified" badges in user profiles if you did an exchange on any of the numerous /r/*gameswap sub-reddits.

If you have any feature requests, comments, or suggestions. Leave them below.

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Play On! - Episode 58 - A chat with Divekic...

Dec 20 2014 09:40 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

The gang talks PC Gaming, Amiibo collecting, Gaming news, and has a nice chat with Adam Heart, creator of DiveKick!

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Play On! - Episode 57 - Nvidia Shield Table...

Dec 06 2014 12:36 PM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

A new jam packed episode of Play On! is available as the gang talks about many things like Street Fighter 5, Grand Theft Auto 5, and a thorough review of Nvidia Shield Tablet. Also, A GIVEAWAY!! Tune in for details!

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Play On! - Episode 56 - Best Assassin’s Cr...

Nov 22 2014 09:51 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

The crew talks about Assassins' Creed, Ubisoft's woes, and a special interview with the guys at HDRetrovision.com, the makers of component cables for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis!

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