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Latest News

Secret Santa and New Years Raffle changes.

Oct 25 2014 11:07 AM | Milenko in Articles

Heres another update to our Secret Santa and New Years Raffle.

You can check out the announcement thread here.

A little bit of a back story, we announced our Secret Santa and had this awesome idea of running a new years raffle. A free ticket for participating in the Secret Santa, and a dollar per ticket after that. Weeeelll... That's a felony. So, we changed the prizes a little bit and made it free entry, with one extra entry once verified for the Secret Santa. Here's what how it works!

Secret Santa:

You can sign up starting November 1st, and the goal here is to trade gifts with community members. When you sign up you'll need a GameCollecting.net username, your personal name and address (or write digital if you don't want a physical gift.) a valid email address and a brief description of what kind of things you like (Nintendo, Xbox, Atari, Steam). There's no spending limit on the Secret Santa, you can end up getting a $10 gift card, a copy of Stadium Events or a shoe box full of bottlecaps. It's about having fun and like all Christmahanukwanzika gift exchanges, giving!

Bonus Round!

So you sent a gift and your match loves you for ever and ever? Well good news! We're running a new years raffle, and you just got an additional entry towards winning either a Google Nexus Player, a $100 gift card, a $50.00 gift card, or a spiffy T-Shirt from The Game Collecting Network.

Sign ups begin November 1st, the raffle is live now for members. Just click raffle's and then "I want to participate"!

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Play On! - Episode 54 - Hatred for Hatred

Oct 25 2014 08:59 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Articles

The crew of Play On! discusses the new Playstation TV, the Google Nexus, and GameCollecting.net's Secret Santa!

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Announcing our 2014 Secret Santa and Raffle!

Oct 20 2014 03:25 PM | Milenko in Articles

On November 1st we're going to be opening up our second annual Secret Santa! This year, we're going to be doing things slightly different. Not only will we be having our secret santa gift exchange, but a New Years Raffle! Follow the story below for more information.

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[From the Archive] Is the game collecting bubbl...

Oct 15 2014 07:15 PM | PlayOnPodcast in Articles

The collecting scene seemingly doubles in size every year with more collectors joining communities like this to share their collections with one another and new collectors looking for advice on where to start. This "golden age" has been great for every one involved as it seems there's more resources and information available to all of us than ever before. From finding that last NES title to complete a set or getting help identifying the game you just found at the flea market, we've all reaped the benefits of an ever growing scene. But is it all heading for crash? Will the collecting bubble reach its limit and violently explode? I certainly hope not but when I see retro gaming getting more and more exposure (Atari dig, retron systems, tons of second hand shops and retro stores popping up, goodwill online auctions) I worry about over saturation of the hobby.<br />
The Play On! Podcast will be discussing this along with why or why not you feel the same. Thanks for your feedback and we can't wait to hear what the game collecting community at large thinks!

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Play On! - Episode 53 - Shadow of Mordor

Oct 11 2014 08:33 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Articles

The gang discusses new releases, Alien Isolation, Shadow of Mordor, and a massive retro game collection sale!

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[31 Days of Horror] VICTIM.

Oct 04 2014 01:47 PM | Milenko in Articles

The following story was posted not long ago about everyone's favorite game, Smash Brothers. The tale goes a young boy was excited to play his new N64, and a copy of Smash Brothers he had found when they moved into their new house. But his excitement went to fear as weird things started to happen with his new game. Was it a glitch? Those can be a bit creepy.. Or was it something more sinister, with a victim seeking help from the other side?

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[31 Days of Horror] Ben drowned.

Oct 03 2014 02:40 AM | Milenko in Articles

It's kind of a cop out to post this one, but it's just so good. Ladies and gentleman let me share with you a story about a boy named Ben.

Ben Drowned is a 'Creepy Pasta' written by Alex Hall. Later turned into an ARG through the use of ROM Hacks and internet trickery. This article will share a bit of the creepypasta along with video from the ARG for your enjoyment. This isn't created by us here at The Game Collecting Network but we're sharing it as part of our 31 Days of Horror series for Halloween.

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Help out the Cleveland chapter of Extra-Life...

Oct 02 2014 06:37 PM | Milenko in Promotional Content

Posted Image

Last year, Extra Life raised over $4.1 million across America for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Cleveland area Extra Lifers raised over $40,000 for Rainbow. Total donations for Extra Life just surpassed the $1 million mark today! All donations go directly to Rainbow. The Extra Life organization does NOT take a cut.

Here is a short (~30 second video) promoting Extra Life:Superpowers

You can help by donating to any of these members from the local Cleveland Extra Life Guild.

Official Extra Life page: http://www.extra-life.org

Cleveland Guild Facebook page: https://www.facebook...s/ELGCleveland/

Cleveland Guild Extra Life forum: http://forums.extra-...hp?29-Cleveland

Participant links:
A Dancing Toaster: http://www.extra-lif...icipantID=93098
Guild President: http://www.extra-lif...cipantID=103841
Guild VP:http://www.extra-lif...icipantID=88740
Chris Rees:http://www.extra-lif...icipantID=94676
Matt Klaase: http://www.extra-lif...icipantID=89296
Yuta Hsu: http://www.extra-lif...icipantID=88884
Grounded geek: http://www.extra-lif...icipantID=88780

Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital is a 244-bed children's hospital located in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a part of University Hospitals Case Medical Center, formerly University Hospitals of Cleveland. It is consistently ranked as one of the top three pediatric hospital in the Midwest and a top 10 children's hospital by U.S. News & World Report. In 2008, Rainbow ranked #2 in the country for neonatal care.

Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital is over 120 years old, and has over 850 physicians, nurses, child life specialists, social workers, and other professionals dedicated to the unique care of children. Rainbow is a world leader in the treatment of children with cancer, heart disease, cystic fibrosis and pulmonary specialties, sickle cell disease, kidney disease, immunology and endocrine and metabolic disorders. Its neonatologists specialize in the treatment of high-risk and premature newborns. As an academic medical center, the primary affiliate of Case Western Reserve University, Rainbow offers children emerging therapies before they become widely available.

Do your part today and help gives these kids something more to look forward to than surgeries and treatments. By donating to Extra Life you'll be helping fund Rainbow in easing the pain of hospital stays not only by giving them video games and toys to play with, but assisting with the funding required for world class care.

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[31 Days of Horror] The Dunwich Building.

Oct 01 2014 05:18 PM | Milenko in Articles

Posted Image

The Dunwich Building, Fallout 3.

A lot of people take Easter Eggs for granted, especially considering they don't actually offer anything to the main story line of a game. A game series I feel can be compared to works of art, as well as great fiction is of course the Fallout series. Many people were upset when Bethesda took over the beloved franchise, sure there is a lot of shit wrong with Fallout 3.. But there is so much more that is right. Today we're going to discuss one of the scariest out of place environments of the Capitol Wasteland to kick off our '31 Days of Horror' reviews and creepy pasta share fest.

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Play On! - Episode 52 - Minesoft (lulz)

Sep 27 2014 08:46 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Articles

The crew of Play On! is back to talk about Destiny some more and Microsoft's purchase of Minecraft!

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