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Latest News

Minecraft has been sold to Microsoft.

Sep 15 2014 06:34 PM | Milenko in Articles

As many of you may have heard, today is a dark day in the world of block based simulation games with no story line and tons of user generated content. That's right, Mojang has been sold to Microsoft. Notch, founder of Mojang recieved a cool 2.5 BILLION dollars and is stepping away from the company as it is inevitably consumed by the PC software/Xbox touting Juggernaut. Here's hoping Microsoft doesn't kill off another fantastic studio in it's prime. For those who don't know what I'm getting at, let this quote mix around for a bit: "I hope Microsoft doesn’t waste Mojang’s talent, or ruin what makes them special. It can happen, but it’s pretty Rare."

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Super Smash Bros 3DS Early Bird Demo

Sep 12 2014 09:17 PM | Brackner in Modern Gaming

Today at Nintendo's Treehouse event, they revealed that Club Nintendo members with Platinum status and who were opted in for e-mail notifications would receive four demo codes for the new Smash Bros 3DS. Unfortunately, I had opted out of the e-mails ages ago, but luckily Gamecollecting Network member, RockTheShazbot, gave me one of his codes (thanks again, man!). Also, luckily for everybody else, the demo goes out to all next Friday (9/19). I figured I'd do a write up here on my thoughts about the game. I am not a big competitive player or anything, but I am familiar with the scene and some of the technical aspects. However, I mostly just play Smash for fun! Check out the full article to read about my experience.

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Play On! - Episode 51 - Destiny

Sep 13 2014 08:25 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

The gang discusses Destiny and more in a new episode of Play On!

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Nintendo Treehouse Live Event and Discussion.

Sep 12 2014 09:19 AM | Milenko in Promotional Content

Hey everybody, Nintendo will be live streaming their Treehouse event live @ http://live.nintendo.com/. We'll also be having a live discussion in our IRC channel on Freenode #GameCollecting. If you want to join set your IRC clients to irc.freenode.net and join #gamecollecting, or use the webchat in the menu bar!

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Hey everybody!

Sep 10 2014 07:24 PM | Milenko in Promotional Content

We've partnered with GXArena.com's Firmware Database! From their website you can download original firmwares for the PS3, PS4, PSVita, PSP, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. This should come in handy for you modders we have on the site as well as those looking to repair some of these consoles.

Posted Image

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I gotta get this off my chest.

Aug 31 2014 02:41 PM | Milenko in Articles

Hey everybody. I just want to rant for a bit. All day I've been hearing/reading about the "gaming press" painting gamers in bad light. I want to explain that we're a small site with a chatroom, two podcasts (one independently contributed) and a forum where we talk about gaming related stuff. I'm a gamer, I love video games. If you write for the 'gaming press' and feel I shouldn't brand myself as a gamer because "gamers are scum" or "uptight nerds" you can sincerely go fuck yourself with a rake. We're gamers, we game. If you don't like it.. Feel free to find a new hobby to try and suck the passion from for personal gain.

I'm going to sit here and play my games as a gamer.

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Play On! - Episode 50 - Live at Galloping G...

Aug 30 2014 09:22 AM | PlayOnPodcast in Podcasts

The one where we are recording live from Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL with special guests Brandon from UGRGaming.com, Joe from the Game Classy Podcast and the founder of Galloping Ghost Arcade, Doc Mack. Enjoy!

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Some minor changes to the site and forum.

Aug 29 2014 10:31 AM | Milenko in Articles

Sites back online after migration. If you notice any issues, missing areas, or anything really out of place. Send us a report through the store area.

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The GCN Round Table: Episode 3! MOD DAMNIT...

Aug 20 2014 11:00 PM | Milenko in Articles

Hey guys, Episode 3 is done! I've even added some of them there moving pictures so there's an actual video this time!

Also check out this article to discuss Episode 4!

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Roundtable Episode 4 Recording Soon

Aug 19 2014 06:03 PM | Whitdjinn in Articles

With the recording of Episode 3 being wrapped up, we wanted to know what you guys wanted to hear us discuss. - Milenko

Hey guys:

We need to have a running list of possible topics for each episode upon the finish of the previous one.

Please list anything that you would like to discuss, or this can also be used for any general discussion for the podcast/roundtable itself.

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